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Those that have placed an order from SizeGenetics did so for a very obvious reason. They want to enlarge the length and girth of their penis. how to use sizegenetics

Many consumers will be quite enthused about using the extender and performing the manual exercises and this is a good thing….to a point.

A common mistake many men will make is that they will be so enthused they will rush into applying the extender or performing the exercises without having invested the proper time in learning the right way to use it.

Such an approach is the wrong one to take because unless you know how to use SizeGenetics then you won’t experience the results you are seeking.

So, what is the best way to learn how to use SizeGenetics? The answer is to follow all the directions in which the manufacturer provides.


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Do not take anything for granted because doing so could greatly undermine your experience using what would be a well constructed penis extender and a solid manual exercise program.

Since the manufacturers understand that knowing the proper way how to use SizeGenetics is the true secret to maximizing gains, a professional produced DVD is provided with your order. The DVD offers crystal clear explanations regarding how to get the most out of your SizeGenetics experience.

Not watching the DVD or only watching it once would be the wrong approach to take. Those who invest the time studying the DVD and its material will soon learn they are well on their way to maximizing their size gain potential.

The way the extender works is relatively easy. You use the extender to stretch the penis out and hold it in place so that it is always under a certain level of tension.

It is this tension which contributes to cell division and the increase in the size of the chambers inside the penis. Commonly, most men will wear the extender for a cumulative amount of two hours per day.


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That does not mean they wear it for two hours straight as there will be a need to take the extender off to restore full blood circulation.

Regarding how to use SizeGenetics, you could say you need to use it carefully. For example, stretching the penis is not the same thing as over-stretching it.

Doing so could lead to an injury which would not be of much help to any male seeking the safe increase in his size.

And you definitely must be sure that you pay strict attention to all the required safety precautions when using an extender or performing manual exercises. Again, over-enthusiasm can lead to problems. Mainly, over-enthusiasm will often lead to overdoing it which means injury.

Common ways injuries are attained would be wearing the extender too many hours per day, not removing the extender at regular intervals to restore blood circulation, or sleeping with the extender on. (The injury which could derive from sleeping with an extender would be incredibly serious!)

As far as manual exercises are concerned, performing too many exercises per day can also lead to injury. Once again, you do want to avoid any injuries from occurring.


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And as with any exercise program, you should stop if something feels wrong because that would be your body providing you with a clear warning to take it easy.

how to use sizegeneticsTo play it safe, it is always a wise idea to direct questions about the use of the extender through the customer service department. A simple email could easily provide clarification on any point you have concerns about.

There are also “How to use SizeGenetics” threads on scores of male enhancement forums on the internet. Visiting these forums might be worth the time and effort.

While no one could ever guarantee any results since male physiology is different from person to person, you will improve potential results when you learn how to use SizeGenetics properly.

To do so, follow all instructions that are provided and avoid guessing or speculating on the proper use of the device and the performance of any exercises.


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