Is SizeGenetics The Best Penis Stretcher?


The search for the best penis stretcher is something many men have been doing since stretching devices first emerged on the men’s health landscape many decades ago. The original models were nowhere near as successful in the marketplace as the devices which have emerged on the landscape in recent years.

penis stretcherAmong the reasons for this is that the new models of penis stretchers are a vast improvement over the early prototypes. The original models were not exactly safe to wear and their construction was not at the high standards which exist today.

So, what model of extender can be considered the best penis stretcher on the market? Answering this question cannot be done without controversy. Different consumers will have different requirements and needs in a stretching device.

However, it is safe to say that all consumers looking to acquire a penis stretcher will want one that delivers results and does so in a comfortable manner.

Based on numerous consumer reviews, it would seem that SizeGenetics has delivered on these expectations for many satisfied customers.


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There does need to be certain criteria is place in order for an extender to reasonably be considered the best penis stretcher. Among those criteria would be the following:

The manufacturing of the device needs to be top of the line. You do not want a stretching device which is made out of pure plastic or other cheap materials which break easily.

You will want a penis stretcher which is designed to effectively hold your penis is an outstretched position and it will not be able to effectively do this if it is poorly designed and constructed.

This does bring up another point. The best penis stretcher is not one that should deviate from the common way the penis is to be enlarged. There are two processes which need to occur when you are seeking to enlarge the penis.


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The first would be engaging in the process of cellular division where the stress on the penis from the stretching causes the cells to divide. Since the cells are dividing, the penis ends up developing more tissue. This means your penis will become bigger.

Also, the stretching of the penis should increase the size of the chambers in the penis. This will allow the penis to hold more blood when it is erect which, in turn, contributes to an increase in size.

Also, the process contributes greatly to the increase in the girth of the penis. The best penis stretcher will not be one that only enhances the length of the penis biut ist should also increase the thickness as well.

This will make the larger penis seem more proportionate than would be the case if the penis was only lengthened and not thickened.


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The design of the stretcher should also be built to last and should not suffer any degeneration after an unreasonably short period of time. No extender could ever reasonably claim to be the best penis stretcher if it wore out after only a few months necessitating the purchase of a new device.penis stretcher

The price should be reasonable. While it is true that effectiveness should often trump the cost of the device, no one should be expected to pay a ridiculously high fee for an extender.

A reasonable and fair price is a must for the device to credibly be considered one of the best on the men’s health market.


Why is SizeGenetics considered to be the best penis stretcher on the market?

Basically, it delivers on all these points if not outright exceeds them. For those who seriously want the best penis stretcher, SizeGenetics might very well deliver on expectations.


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