How to Make Your Penis Bigger – A Wise Approach


It has been said that men have been looking for an effective means of enlarging the penis for many thousands of years. If you read any popular men’s websites, you will probably come across numerous articles on the subject of male enhancement and how to make your penis bigger.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

These articles may even mention (in a humorous manner) how men has sought to enlarge their penis since antiquity. What is not humorous would be the belief many men today are of the belief no reliable means to increase the size of the penis has been discovered.

The truth is there have been many exercises developed over the years which can be impactfully increase the size of the male organ.

In addition to the development of these many manual exercises, there have also been a few medical discoveries made regarding how to increase penis size. These discoveries have been a mixed bag and you need to keep their foibles in mind when you are wondering how to make your penis bigger.


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Male enhancement products such as pumps, pills, and hanging devices have been released in the market and they come with two common problems – either they do not work as intended or they present a risk for injury.

This does not exactly bode well for their ability to provide a means how to make your penis bigger.

Then, there is the “innovation” of penis enlargement surgery. Many men who have undergone penis lengthening and thickening surgery definitely regret having made the decision to do so.

While it debuted with a great deal of hype, the surgery ended up being known for causing scarring, impotence, and other serious complications.

Rather than become involved with risky or ineffective methods of how to make your penis bigger, it would be much wiser to look towards a highly effective two-pronged approach that many men have found are perfect for increasing the size of the penis. This approach would be using both an extender device and performing manual exercises regularly.


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The answer to why this two-pronged approach is the best way how to make your penis bigger, it becomes necessary to look at how both methods work.

Honestly, there is really nothing complex involved with either of them. They are simply rooted in round biological science regarding how the human body reacts to tension and stress.

How to Make Your Penis BiggerWith an extender, the penis is placed in and stretched out in an extended position so that there is a constant tension on it. The penis will react the the constant tension and traction by stimulating cell division.

What that means is that new tissue will be created to alleviate the tension which has been placed on it. As a result, the shaft of the penis will become longer.

Since you can only reasonably wear an extender device for so long, manual exercises are performed to help stress the penis in other ways. Manual exercises are quite varied in how they can be performed but they are most commonly performed as stretches or squeezes.


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Stretching exercises are similar in concept to the way an extender works in the sense they promote cell division. There is also the theory they have the unique ability to contribute to stressing the ligaments near the pubic bone.

As the ligaments which connect the inner penis to the bone are lengthened, more of the hidden inner penis may emerge. This further adds to lengths gains.

Squeezing exercises are designed to force more blood into the chambers of the penis. When these chambers are fully engorged in blood, the penis becomes erect. By expanding and increasing the size of the chambers, you might experience a significant increase in girth as a result.How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Through employing both the use of an extender and performing manual exercises regularly, you might experience significant increases in length and size provided you are consistent with the process.

It is recommended to purchase a quality extender such as the one produced by SizeGenetics which also offers instructions on properly performing manual exercises.


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