Examing the Question “Does SizeGenetics Really Work?”


A man who is seriously interested in increasing the size of his penis will look at the many advertisements on the internet promoting the claimsof products and devices capable of increasing length and girth.

Does SizeGenetics Really WorkAmong the more prominently featured products would be SizeGenetics which offers an extender device and a manual exercise program for enhancing size. Upon glancing at the advertisement for this product, the obvious first question a man may ask is “Does SizeGenetics really work?” Asking such a question makes sense.

No consumer would want to invest in a product that fails to deliver on its claims. This is why it is best to take a closer look at whether or not SizeGenetics can deliver on its lofty claims.

To answer this question, a basic understanding of the physiology involved with extender devices needs to be explained. Extenders are designed to stretch the penis out and hold it in such a state so that tension on the cells in the penis remains constant.


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This can cause a biological reaction known as cellular division. In short, the cells in the penis begin to divide creating more tissue. So, the answer to “Does SizeGenetics really work?” can answered in the sense that it contributes to lengthening via cell division.

Cell division refers to the process when the penis grows larger to compensate for the tension it is under. Now, this process does not occur overnight and regular use of the device over a several month period is required. Any other expectations or claims would be unrealistic.

The manual exercises deliver a similar reaction. There is a slightly different stress to the tissue associated with manual exercises. Also, the exercises can be employed to increase girth.

This is achieved through the exercises increasing the chambers in the penis which hold blood when the penis becomes erect. When combined with the use of the extender, the manual exercises can definitely aid in increasing penis size immensely.


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One thng to be mindful of and it is a very serious thing. In order to answer “Does SizeGenetics really work?” in the affirmative, you must follow along with all the required steps of suggested use.

Does SizeGenetics Really WorkIf you do not use the extender as directed over time and you do not perform the suggested manual exercises, you will not see an increase in the size of your penis. Consistency is a crucial key here or else you will never see much improvement at all in terms of seeing your penis grow to an impressive size.

This is not to suggest you should overwork the exercises or use the extender for longer durations than are recommended as doing so could prove to be a terrible idea since this could lead to over-training or suffering an injury as a result.

Those trying to force a yes answer to “Does SizeGenetics really work?” by overdoing it with the extender and the manual exercises really would not be doing themselves any favors. Rather, they would be increasing their risk of an injury unnecessarily.


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To reduce the potential that an injury may occur and to ensure that the extender is used and the exercises are performed in the appropriate manner, an instructional DVD has been provided which details exactly how the process is to be performed.

Answering the question “Does SizeGenetics really work?”” will reveal itself if you watch and review the DVD and then follow along with the instructions which are provided. None of these instructions are complicated to follow.

The DVD has been expertly produced and it comprehensively covers all a consumer needs to know about how SizeGenetics works.

Does SizeGenetics really work? The truth is that different men will react differently since no human body is exactly the same. However, based on many testimonials, it is safe to say a number of customers are reporting positive results from their use of SizeGenetics.


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