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Probably the most important criteria a consumer will consider when seeking to purchase a male size enhancement device would be the results which an be gained from using it. This is not an assessment which should be considered surprising.

Why would any male consumer be interested in purchasing a size enhancement product that does not deliver results? SizeGenetics remains one of the most well known manufacturers of penis extenders.

sizegenetics resultsBefore anyone seriously considers making a purchase of this extender, a consumer will definitely want to know about SizeGenetics results.

Per the website for SizeGenetics, it is mentioned on testimonials that one full inch in length increases have been reported by those who have used the extender consistently for several months.

This is not to infer that one inch is a plateau everyone will reach as much as it is indicative of the results some have experienced within the first several months after wearing the device for an average duration of two hours a day.


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(Often, it is suggested to remove such a device every 15 minutes or so to restore blood circulation. Please check with the safety suggestions the company mentions when using the extender)

Different results will vary depending upon individual physiology and genetics. That said, the notion that the extender and manual exercises can yield SizeGenetics results of gaining a full inch in length may enthuse many about purchasing this device.

How do these results occur? Basically, when the extender is worn, there is a constant tension on the penis. This leads to the cells dividing to release the tension.

When the cells divide so does the tissue in the penis which leads to the shaft becoming longer. The suggested manual exercises are designed to help expand the chambers in the penis which hold blood when the penis becomes erect.

By expanding the size of the chambers, they can hold more blood. This means the penis will become much thicker as a result. So, with the proper use of the device and the manual exercises, the SizeGenetics results you gain will be improvements in length and girth.


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The main thing to pay attention to here would be the proper use of the extender.Improperly using the extender will not lead to beneficial results.

Among the most important thing to mention about SizeGenetics results is that the process cannot be rushed. The human body responds to the stress of the extender and the manual exercises in a slow manner. Cellular division is a slow process.

sizegenetics resultsThe cells will not respond to the stress of the extender’s tension overnight. While it is true that most people will want fast results, the human body will need time to react to the stress which has been placed on the penis.

This is not a bad thing at all because slow progress is still gradual progress.

One of the worst things you could do when trying to increase the size of your penis would be to overdo it with wearing the extender. Wearing it too many hours a day or wearing it in a way that dismisses safety concerns will not lead to better SizeGenetics results.

Rather, you would be increasing your chance of injury if you follow such an approach. It should go without saying that the discomfort and complications of an injury are not what any man would want to deal with.


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So, when you are interested in achieving the desired results from using the extender, it would be best to use the extender in the appropriate manner since this would be the wisest and safest strategy to employ.

Actually, the very best way to maximize your SizeGenetics results would be to use the extender in a consistent manner. In order for the cells of the penis to divide and the chambers of the penis to expand, the tension has to be consistent.

This is the reason why the cells divide and the chambers expand. They are reacting to constant slight tension which stimulates growth. Wearing the device on and off without any consistency will not help you achieve your goals.

This is not to say you never take a break from using the device. Breaks could prove to be helpful after many weeks or months of use.

However, those who wear the extender one day then take three days off and wear it for two days and then miss four days of use will not be helping themselves in any way. Inconsistent use of this nature will not help you achieve any serious improvements in the size of the penis.

SizeGenetics results of an impressive nature might very well be yours to achieve. Again, individual results will vary depending upon a person’s unique genetics. That said, many have reported great results from these devices which can be considered positive news.


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