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Reviewed by: Juan Weems on February 26, 2012

Clinically tested product that has been endorsed by medical doctors. Featured in numerous magazines and TV shows: GQ Magazine, UK Channel 4, BBC. One of the oldest brands that is available in the market nowadays (has over 13,000 satisfied customers). Has variety of bonuses and discounts.

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Full Product Review

Now that you have come across my SizeGenetics review website, you might very well be starting on the path to achieving your goals of increasing the size of your penis. You may even be visiting this site because you are confused over whether or not these products work.

Such confusion is understandable. The topic is penis enlargement is a difficult one to explore because there is a mix of well written and researched information available and then there is a lot of poorly written and inaccurate articles floundering about online.

Commonly, the poorly written material is written in support of an inferior penis enlargement product which certainly makes matters worse.

Sadly, the subject of male sexual health is not always covered with the proper amount of depth which should be dedicated to it. In some ways, you can understand why there is limited information of subjects such as penis enlargement and male enhancement.



I have decided to create this SizeGenetics review site to help steer those interested in valuable information to find it. Also, it is designed to help you stay away from the weak products and outright scams out there.

Rather than dwell on the lower quality products, let’s talk about one of the best.


What You’ll Get? The Difference Between Various Packages

There are a few different packages which you can order and the most basic package offers a budget extender along with an instructional DVD.

The Device Only package offers a budget device, the SizeGenetics device, the instructional DVD, and spare parts. The Ultimate Package includes everything in the Device Only package along with numerous accessories which can prove helpful as far as improving the results you are seeking.

The main thing customers would be interested is the extender itself. As any positive SizeGenetics review will point out, this extender is incredibly well produced.

sizegenetics chart


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The prime benefit would be its ability to hold the penis extended so that the cells in the penis divide. Through cell division, the chambers in the penis and the penis shaft are enlarged.

sizegenetics reviewsConsumers will also wonder whether or not their penis will be comfortable in such a device. Not every penis extender is designed in such a way that comfort levels are maintained.

In fact, many of the lower quality extenders are so poorly made they are not only uncomfortable they also present injury risks.

This is why you need to look towards an extender which is properly produced and SizeGenetics does present a sturdy and well designed extender which definitely can deliver on comfort.


Why Male Enhancement Exercises Are important?

The package concept this company offers truly is an innovative help. SizeGenetics does not solely deliver an extender when you make a purchase. You also will be provided with detailed instructions on how to perform manual exercises.

Many will consider manual exercises and extenders ‘either/or’ options. In other words, you would use one of the other but not both. That is really not the case as you wearing the extender and performing the exercises as part of an overall comprehensive size enhancement program encompasses a wise strategy.

The exercises also contribute greatly towards making erections firmer which is another benefit.


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Why Do You Need The Instructional DVD?

The inclusion of an instructional DVD is definitely a great help since it details all the fine points required to get the most out of what SizeGenetics has to offer. A common problem with other manufacturers of male enhancement products is they might offer a decent product but they do not offer any information or advice or how to use the devices they sell.

With SizeGenetics, such a problem is not present. As any SizeGenetics review will point out, the well produced instructional DVD ensures you understand exactly how the extender device is to be used. This is also a professionally produced DVD and does not all all reflect amateurish production values.



    • Very easy to use and the instructional DVD shores up any confusion the user may have about proper steps for use.
    • The extender may be able to address the problem of curvature of the penis.
    • Sturdy design of the extender is most definitely built to last.


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    • Not all consumers are visual learners so the DVD would not be as preferable as a written manual.
    • A few of the accessories in the Ultimate Package might not have much appeal to some consumers.
    • The product is only available for sale online.



There are quite a number of different male enhancement products on the market and this is not unexpected. Different men will all have different requirements in what they are looking for in an extender device and manual workout program… a degree.

sizegenetics reviews

At the core of any workout program, there will be a desire that high standards of quality and effectiveness are met. If it was not effective then there would be no need whatsoever to purchase anything.

When you read a SizeGenetics review, you quickly learn this is definitely a product which consistently receives positive reviews due to its excellent design and helpful supporting manual exercises and well produced DVD.


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